Ocean Special Mixed Platter

Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka, Chicken Pakora, Veg. Samosa

Platter For One
Platter For Two
Slay The Dragon

A Mysore delicacy. Pineapple flavoured honey glazed chicken cooked over charcoal in the Tandoorie oven.

Chicken Tikka

Barbeque chicken with fried onion

Lamb Tikka

Barbeque lamb with fried onion

Chicken Pakura

Fried chicken breast piece coated with gram flour

Mixed Kebab

With chicken tikka, lamb tikka  & sheek kebab

Shahi Chat Puri

(Chicken or Lamb or Prawn) Marinated spicy little pieces of chicken/lamb/prawn serve on fried bread

Prawn Cocktail
King Prawn Puri

Prawns tempered in spices, served on fried bread